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How to Place your First Wholesale Cotton Candy Order

Explore the world of 40+ gourmet cotton candy flavors for your business

1. Create your Wholesale Account

Please enter your name and email address to begin. Other information is optional, but you will need to fill it out at checkout.

2. Explore the Menu

Locate the pink menu bar to begin browsing all the different products we offer. You can order by the case or pallet in the standard or fun size tub. We also offer everyday and seasonal shippers!

3. Start Shopping

Now the fun begins. Click standard cases to start browsing our selection of 40+ gourmet flavors. We have a 2 case minimum (36 tubs per case x 2 = 72 tubs) and 28 case maximum (1008 tubs). If you’d like to order more, please use the Pallet Order FormYou must order in case increments of 72 and each case can be configured in flavor multiples of 12.  No need to get out the calculator, our website will do all the math for you!

4. Checkout

Please enter your billing and shipping information to proceed. Add additional notes or coupons, and click PLACE ORDER.

5. What Happens Next?

You will receive an email with a tracking number the same day. Note the lead time in bold letters at checkout to estimate arrival time.

Click below to create your account and start ordering! You can also visit our website here.



Q: What are your Top 10 selling flavors year-round?

A: Blue Raspberry, Birthday Cake, Banana Split, Bubblegum, Cherry Berry, Classic Pink, Juicy Watermelon, Pickle (yes, it’s true), Pucker Puff’s Rainbow Sour, and Unicorn.

Q: Are you allergen-free, Kosher certified and FDA certified?

A: Yes, we are Kosher, SQF and FDA certified. Our cotton candy is soy-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.


Q: How do I get the best price?

A: Simply order more cases! Prices do not include shipping.

8-14$2.45 10% off
18-28$2.31 15% off
30+$2.17 20% off


Q: What is your shelf life?

A: 1 year from production.

Q: Do you private label?

A: Yes, we private label! You must pre-purchase labels in sets of 2500 per flavor and order in a minimum quantity of 720 tubs per flavor.


Q: What Carrier do you use?

A: USPS & Fedex, and a choice of carriers for freight.

Q: Do you ship to Canada or internationally?

A: We do not ship internationally or to Canada at this time, but we do have a relationship with a Canadian Distributor. Please email orders@chocolatestory.com for more information.

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